Corporate Services

We are experts on all financial and legal administrative aspects of operating an online business.


Corporate Services

As an iGaming entrepreneur, you have to make quite a number of decisions when working out your business plans. Once you have decided to which jurisdiction you want to apply for an iGaming license, the second step would be to understand all the local requirements of that specific licensing regime. Owing to our extensive knowledge and experience within this industry, we are able to provide and assist you with everything you need to keep both your license and your corporate structure compliant as per the local regulations.

From our worldwide offices, we are able to assist with all financial and legal administrative aspects of operating an iGaming business, and across multiple time zones. We know that these crucial aspects of your company’s operation need to be in good hands. With more than 15 years’ experience in this industry, we are known for providing sophisticated financial, secretarial and administration services to these companies under a (Trust & Corporate Services) license granted by the relevant local financial authorities; thus, ensuring that all our team members are experienced, internationally knowledgeable, multi-lingual and focused on providing an excellent service.

Our teams include attorneys at law, legal counsels, accountants, administrators, anti-money laundering specialists and much more. They all work as a team to provide solutions when tackling the different aspects of business operations in this fast-evolving online gaming industry – we know and can do it all.

Find out how we can assist with the financial and legal administrative aspects of operating your online business.

License application services
(igaming or financial licenses).

We have close relations with, while remaining strictly independent of, all online gaming (master) license providers and authorities; this allows us to always be 100% dedicated to the company’s purpose. In addition to the license application, various licenses (such as Business, Director and Foreign Exchange) are needed to legally operate the business. These are automatically arranged upon the appointment of our services.

License application services-igaming or financial licenses

Responsible gambling compliance and follow-up on regulatory matters.

Running a successful business is all about managing and controlling risks. Threats can come from many different sources and directions, and can sometimes be difficult to deal with, especially if you don’t have the in-house knowledge readily available. We strongly believe that focussing on what you do best is the surest way to meet your operational goals. Our local teams are experienced professionals who can help you manage the pressures to comply with all the local regulatory requirements that affect your company.


Company incorporations.

We provide company formation services in Curaçao, Malta, Cyprus and the Netherlands, catering to the Curaçao or Malta Licenses. Our in-house teams can also (in)directly assist with company formations from all regions around the world, providing a tailored service to your online gaming (related) business(es).

Directorship and daily management.

eMoore or EMS Management (both part of EM Group), with their appointment as director of your locally established company, are tasked with bringing added value to your business.
Within our organization, we have a skilled and dedicated team to handle all ongoing (daily) matters with quality, care and efficiency, allowing you to focus on the development needs of your business(es). Therefore, we will handle all legal, administrative, financial/book-keeping and compliance matters for you with ease and comfort.

Registered address and physical offices

Registered address and physical offices.

We have the facilities available to provide office space for permanent establishment and/or domiciliation services.

Corporate secretarial services and staff.

Whenever there is a need for the company to make changes to its representing officers, address or shareholders, our team of in-house (legal) administrators will make sure the necessary resolutions are drafted and the proper paperwork is filed at the respective local registries. These services can either be provided on an ‘on call’ basis or by appointing us as the local company secretary.

Corporate secretarial services and staff.

Legal administration of statutory
books and records.

Our in-house legal department can support your operation by reviewing and drafting agreements that you want to enter into with third parties, thus preventing your operation from running into any preventable risks. In addition, the legal team will make sure the necessary agreements, resolutions and minutes are in place to facilitate a clean audit.

Bank, merchant and
PSP account opening.

We have an extensive network in the online gaming industry for banking, merchant, e-wallet and alternative payment method services, which can be arranged with ease and efficiency by our dedicated account opening teams.

Bank, merchant and PSP account opening

AML monitoring and daily management of bank payments.

As (managing) director and local representative of your local company, we can satisfy all regulatory aspects of your transactions as required by the local authorities. With our skilled and sophisticated teams, and in collaboration with our compliance department, all transactions are monitored under AML guidelines through an efficient and cost-effective procedure.

Financial administration, including preparation of management reports, financial statements, VAT and tax filing.

Within our organization, we have accredited and experienced staff able to prepare and/or assist with the local requirements to maintain your business in financial standing and tax compliance on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Provision of key function roles.

Every jurisdiction sets out its requirements for the appointment of qualified local officials, such as an MLRO, a responsible gaming compliance officer and a data protection officer. Especially in the start-up phase of your operation, a company may not have all this experience readily available, something that EM Group can provide either as an advisor, or by making an expert available for a fixed number of hours per month.

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