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We ensure your company complies with all the local and regulatory requirements.

Gambling Compliance, Local Compliance & Financial Compliance requirements, for your iGaming company in Curaçao, Malta, Cyprus and/or in the Netherlands. Read more about, how to comply with the terms and conditions of a gaming license?


Staying Compliant

Running a successful business is all about managing and controlling risks. Threats can come from many different sources and directions, and can sometimes be difficult to deal with, especially if you don’t have the in-house knowledge readily available. We strongly believe that focussing on what you do best is the surest way to meet your operational goals. Our local teams are experienced professionals who help you manage the pressures to comply with all the local regulatory requirements that affect your company.

We support you in three areas of compliance: local, financial and gambling compliance. If your organisation already has in-house experts on these topics, our team can provide temporary support and training.

Find out how we can help you manage the pressures to comply with all the local and regulatory requirements.


Local compliance

This relates to the local laws and regulations that apply to any licensed gambling company. Although these guidelines may differ per jurisdiction, the overall basics are identical. Perfect examples are the need to incorporate a local company, having local management in place, making sure the company adheres to local VAT and tax filing requirements etc. In addition, we will make sure that all your companies’ business transactions, agreements, resolutions and license administration are legally valid and in compliance with the relevant statutory guidelines.


Financial compliance

We assist with monitoring and managing your statutory financial- and non-financial-transaction monitoring. This specific area has become quite an important part of any gambling operation due to the increased regulatory focus on the prevention of money laundering (AML), terrorism financing and financial intelligence. Our extensive network of banks and financial services providers will also help your operation to create a stable cashflow system. 

Gambling compliance

Various factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure compliance with the rules in different regulated countries. These factors include responsible gaming, fraud prevention, fair and legitimate trade to players, preventing compulsive gaming and play restrictions of underage customers, as well as unbiased and transparent access to games, bonuses and prizes. These important aspects of your operation need to be in good hands to prevent any potential risk to the sustainability of your companies’ licenses. Our extensive knowledge of local regulations will help your operation comply with the terms of the gambling license(s) and manage the relationship with the respective regulators in the different jurisdictions.

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