A lot of companies say their team is great. But ours is truly magnificent!

We like to keep it that way, by investing in fun, dedication and teamwork. This not only benefits the team you profit from it too. Feel free to drop by one of our offices and meet them in person.

EM group-Team-Adjira Scoop

Adjira Scoop

Junior Compliance Officer - Curaçao

Aimee Camilleri

Corporate Account Manager - Malta

Antonella Vella

Banking and Administrative Assistant - Malta

Antonie Thijsen-EM group-Team

Antonie Thijsen

Assistant Account Manager - Curaçao

Arran McCarthy_Business Development Manager

Arran McCarthy

Commercial Director - Curaçao

Arthur Namias de Crasto

Compliance Officer - Curaçao

Beverly Brincat

Corporate Account Manager - Malta


Brenda Stuart

Senior Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

Chantalvanderleeuw_Senior Legal Account Manager

Chantal van der Leeuw

Client Director - Curaçao

Cindy Drommond_Legal Director – Curaçao

Cindy Drommond

Legal Director - Curaçao

Evangelos Maridakis

Evangelos Maridakis

Legal Account Manager - Amsterdam

Francesca Baldacchino

Head of Legal Malta - Malta

George van Zinnicq Bergmann_Founder

George van Zinnicq Bergmann

Founder - Curaçao

EM Group-Graziella Chetcuti

Graziella Chetcuti

Assistant Financial Account Manager - Malta

Ian Sammut Dacoutros

Key Function Services Director - Malta



Are you a legal or financial expert with corporate services experience? 

Jennifer Balentin

Account Manager - Curaçao

Jessica Laura Dunk-Corporate Account Manager-Malta

Jessica Dunk

Corporate Account Manager - Malta

JulieCourte_Legal Account Manager

Julie Courte

Business Development Manager - Malta & Cyprus

Julisha Silvanie

Financial Account Manager - Curaçao

Karin Beumer

Client Director, Legal Account Manager - the Netherlands

Kees-Jan Avis

Managing Director - the Netherlands

EM Group-Lara Seychell

Lara Seychell

Financial Account Manager - Malta

Leanne-Bonello-EM Group

Leanne Bonello

Assistant Financial Account Manager - Malta

Leticia de Miranda

Legal Assistant - the Netherlands

Liliandra Monte-EM group-Team

Liliandra Monte

Junior Financial Account Manager - Curaçao

Lily Kroon_Operational Director – Curaçao

Lily Kroon

Operational Director - Curaçao

Lubna Abdulrahman

Corporate Account Manager - Malta

Maria Bon Client Director-Curaçao

Maria Bon

Client Director - Curaçao

Mattia-Cataldo-EM Group

Mattia Cataldo

Junior Legal Account Manager - the Netherlands


Michela Mifsud

Legal Account Manager - Malta

Randy Cordelia

Assistant Legal Account Manager & PA Founder - Curaçao

Shary Cijntje EM Group Team

Shariёngela Cijntje

Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

Sharlona Winklaar

Junior Financial Account Manager - Curaçao

EM Group-Stefan Sluijter

Stefan Sluijter

Global Co-Head EM Group

Zulli Rosinda

Zullivrene Rosinda

Senior Legal Account Manager - Curaçao

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