Comfort Subscription

Discover year-round peace of mind for your iGaming business with our Comfort Subscription package. We take care of your policies, keep your team updated, provide on-demand support, and deliver a concise conclusions report with recommendations for your AML operations. With this subscription, you can trust that your business is always compliant and in good hands.



To get started, all you need to do is choose one of the Kickstart Kits and you’re good to go.


Why do you need a Kickstart Kit?

Not every company will be in the same operational stage when they approach us to obtain an 'AML' peace of mind. Some companies are still in the license application phase and require assistance with drafting their policies and procedures. Others might already be operational but have imported policies and procedures from other jurisdictions in which they are licensed.

That's why we always suggest beginning afresh, tailoring the most suitable package for your company.

Does the Comfort Subscription package interest you?

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