March 28, 2024

License application deadline moved to April 30, 2024

In an official announcement dated March 28, 2024, Curaçao’s Gaming Control Board (GCB) announced that the license application deadline, which it had set as March 31, 2024, has been extended by one month, to April 30, 2024.

The deadline had been set for existing online gaming companies in Curaçao, that are currently operating under the so-called sublicense regime. In order to get the so-called ‘grandfather rights’ when new legislation is enacted (expected in summer 2024), these companies needed to submit a license application before the deadline. Read our newsletter about the process.

The GCB had issued guidelines for the submission of license applications as late as March 22, 2024, which was -due to its late timing- not well received by the sector. Ongoing difficulties and obstructions on the GCB portal and objections raised by a number of stakeholders, made extension of the deadline inevitable.

At EM Group, we finalized the majority of license application submissions for our existing clients within the deadline. Parties (clients and non-clients) interested in assistance with the license application process before the extended deadline, should contact us. We guarantee a smooth and fast process, along with reasonable fees.

Arran McCarthy

Commercial Director, Curaçao

[email protected]