Malta emerging iGaming promised land

June 15, 2023

Malta, the emerging iGaming promised land

At the heart of the booming iGaming industry is a small island nation in the Mediterranean called Malta. According to a research article published by the Malta Independent (Malta: The Premier Online Casinos Destination for Players and Operators – 2023), the island nation’s iGaming landscape is attractive for operators and players because of its “favourable regulations, responsible gambling measures, and thriving ecosystem.

The advantages for iGaming operators

The thriving ecosystem in Malta can be attributed to a well-structured and convenient licensing system, and a tax regime which is beneficial for iGaming operators. Specifically on the aspect of the tax regime, there are low liabilities and a flat rate on gross gaming revenue, adding to the country’s appeal from a financial standpoint. In addition, Malta’s robust regulatory framework seeks to help iGaming operators set up their businesses quickly and easily.

While the robust regulatory framework is a big advantage, Malta also has an abundance of talent and expertise in the iGaming industry. This is due to the fact that the Maltese government invests in educating and training the country’s workforce to contribute to the booming industry. This greatly benefits businesses that are looking to set up operations in Malta.

A safe environment for players

But the advantages don’t stop at just the operators, player protection and responsible gaming are serious subjects in Malta. There are policies and regulations in place to make the environment safe and fair for players. Measures including (but not limited to) self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and time-out periods for players need to be adhered to by online casinos. The importance given to protecting players shows that Malta understands that growth in the industry is not only dependent on a solid infrastructure for operators but also an ecosystem which takes the challenges for players into consideration.

Malta is the promised land

With an efficient ecosystem in place which caters to both operators and players, Malta is an ideal destination for the iGaming industry. The regulations and tax regime put Malta in a position to be a leading jurisdiction for years to come. The time is now to reap the benefits of setting up business there.

Source- Malta: The Premier Online Casinos Destination for Players and Operators - The Malta Independent. (2023, May 10).

Written by Michela Mifsud

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