16 Facts you might not know about the online gaming industry in the Netherlands, Malta and Curaçao.

If you are considering setting up your iGaming business or applying for an online gaming license in one of these jurisdictions. Find out what you should know!

Interesting or relevant facts fascinate us. They are unexpected or unusual bits of knowledge about science, history, and in our case about online gaming jurisdictions that interest and inspire us and anyone we share them with.

Whether you are working in the online gaming business, and/or interested in e-Gambling license applications you will find some new facts here.

Did you know our team in the Netherlands…

… successfully assists 20 operators with various aspects of their Dutch online gaming businesses?

… not only assists operators with their licensing activities, but also with other aspects of their business such as management, compliance, bank account opening and payroll services? Find out more

… provides you with an extra layer of comfort as we are licensed by the Dutch Central Bank for our corporate services?

… provides you with the solution for separating Dutch player funds, which has been officially approved by the Dutch regulator?

Did you know Malta…

… was the first EU member state to regulate online gaming?

… is a highly reputable gaming jurisdiction and is very popular with Europe-facing online gaming operators?

… has an experienced international and multilingual workforce?

… has a competitive tax regime and tax refund system?

… offers the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license, which is globally recognized and respected?

… requires a natural person to provide key functions to obtain a gaming license? Find out how we can help with key functions and compliance services.

Did you know Curaçao…

… is one of the oldest recognizable eGambling regulations worldwide, dating as far back as 1993?

… provides a gaming license which is otherwise known as a ‘multi-jurisdictional license’?
This allows gambling operators and suppliers to offer their products in a global neutral manner or targeting countries that do not have their own licensing system.

… is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and a member of the Caribbean counterpart of the FATF; the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF)?

… in 2018 the Ministry of Finance tasked the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) with the licensing for and the supervision of the online gaming sector? The GCB is a foundation incorporated in 1999, which was a result of the second Mutual Evaluation Report of the CFATF in 1998?

… only entitles companies established in Curaçao, which are in the possession of an online gaming license, to offer online gambling services from Curaçao?

… changed its tax legislation regarding profit taxes, in 2019,  to bring it in line with OECD requirements?

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