Legal Director - Curaçao

An expert at enabling business opportunities while mitigating perceived risks regarding regulatory, business-related or procedural compliance.


Cindy Drommond joined our team in Curaçao in 2018 as Head of Compliance, with responsibility for all local compliance-related matters. In July 2021, she was promoted to Legal Director of EM Group, joining the management team.

Her focus is to enable business opportunities while mitigating perceived risks in regard to regulatory, business-related or procedural compliance. Drawing on her broad experience in both the corporate and legal world, she provides guidance to colleagues outside of her immediate team, including account managers and the management team. She also advises her colleagues in other legal matters, such as corporate, contractual and employment law.


Cindy studied European and international law at the University of Tilburg, graduating in January 2003. Her thesis reviewed the Dutch Antillean sugar and rice cases connected to the free movement of goods in the EU.

Throughout her career, Cindy has specialized in employment, contract and corporate law, working for several audit firms. After two years as a legal counsel at law firm Vissers Advocatuur in the Netherlands, she became the in-house legal counsel at KPMG, a ‘Big Four’ audit firm, in 2011. She spent more than six years with the company, working in the Dutch Caribbean, Surinam and Cuba. During this time, she was the chief executive officer’s right-hand woman, with responsibility for six different jurisdictions. She left to become Trustmoore’s head of compliance in Curacao in 2018.

Cindy strives to incorporate fun in any work task - neither compliance nor the law need to be boring!


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