A financial expert to companies
active in the e-commerce sector.

 Financial Account Manager - Curaçao

Hello I'm Julisha

I can tell you all about Curaçao or anything you want to know about our Corporate services.


Julisha Silvanie joined EM Group Curaçao in August 2020 as a Financial Account Manager.

In her role she provides financial support and bookkeeping services to companies active in the online gaming and e-commerce sector.


Julisha has a bachelor’s degree in ‘Science of Accounting’ from the University of Curaçao, with a double major in auditing and controlling.

With a career in finance and accounting spanning more than 12 years, Julisha has developed a broad-based knowledge in financial and compliance audits, financial reporting, IFRS and Dutch GAAP.

She previously spent more than four years at ‘Big 4’ accounting firm Deloitte in the Dutch Caribbean. Her last role before joining EM Group was as Financial Account Manager at Curaçao Trust Management, where she worked for eight years.


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